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How to choose a metal detector for school or public place security

Why and how to choose a walk through metal detector

Understanding and Selecting Walk Through Security Metal Detectors

hand held metal detector

Pinpoint Zones

Walk through metal detectors belong to a couple of general categories. The first style of walk-through metal detectors provides single zone detection. The second style provides multi zone detection. Basic multi zone detectors like the Garrett MT 5500 will observe that the mark is around the left side or right side. To know the difference, I'll provide a quick example. Suppose an individual walks from the opening of the metal detector with a concealed weapon found at their ankles. Both the single and multi zone detectors will locate the prospective. The main difference backward and forward is the multi zone detector can know the location with the target, on either the right or left side of the baby. More complex multi zone detectors like the Garrett PD 6500 will concentrate on the specific location from head to toe and also on the left or right side. The Hi-Pe PMD2 from CEIA can be a levelless multi zone walk through metal detector meaning it really is greater than a fixed zone numbers. The Metor300 from Rapiscan is really a 8 zones metal detectors. Our ProCheck can be a 3*11 zones just like Garrett PD6500i walk thru metal detector. The EliteCheck is 11 zones and the HuitCheck is 8 zones same as Metor 300. Our very best sell model is 6 zones SecuCheck.

hand held metal detector

Pinpointing the position of the target quickly is important so that your security personnel can respond swiftly. Larger crowds require greater through put. In case you are scanning a large level of individuals, a multi zone metal detector allow you to process more individuals quicker.

Single Zone Walk Through Metal Detectors:

 Garrett Magnascanner CS 5000

 Garrett Magnascanner MS 3500

Multi Zone Walk Through Metal Detectors:

 Garrett Magnascanner MT 5500

 Garrett PD6500i







The most crucial fact of the good walk through metal detector may be the sensitivity. The PMD2 panel type walk-through metal detector from CEIA may be the highest sensitivity recently. ProCheck is a sensitive model which may be set to detect a coin from the centre passing. When set to some proper level it let it detect guns and dismiss the rings and coins personal belongings.



The game stadium or fairs or shows checkpoint need a fast task to accumulated a stroll through metal detector. The column style PMD from CEIA or break down type Fisher MSCOPE is the greatest selection for a quick install and uninstall model walk through metal detector. It is lighter in weight and fewer pieces to accumulated. Mostly just require A couple of people to do the installation. We are going to launch a comparable model portable walk-through metal detector soon.

 Fisher M-Scope Portable Walk-Through Security Metal Detector


Which are the typical locations and uses for a walk through metal detector?

At once, security metal detectors were primarily seen just in airports and correctional facilities. Today we view walk-through detectors in many different locations including police stations, night clubs, schools, private and non-private buildings and then for corporate workplace security. Also, they are used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses for loss prevention, nuclear facilities, transportation terminals, courthouses, historical landmarks, sports, arenas and also at concerts. Places like airports and prisons need a higher sensitivity walk through metal detectors. The supermarket which is high traffic flaw places just require a normal standard walk-through metal detector.

Finding the right configuration.

Will your detector be setup at one location or are you planning to maneuver the detector from area to area? Should you be moving the detector often, you want a light weight portable walk through metal detector or one that can be moved easily.

Setup and operation:

Modern security walk through detectors are easy to setup and operate. Each unit includes reveal manual and instructional setup video. Digital electronics can be adjusted by way of a numbered and Liquid crystal display. The walk-through metal detectors have factory preset programs. You are able to adjust the detectors for the specific location or perhaps the type of object that you will be trying to locate. In line with the awareness that you select, the detector could be adjusted to discover various targets.

Manipulating the flow of readers are important when setting up your metal detector. You will need to make certain that all individuals that enter or leave your building are directed with the detector. It is a good option to have a basket or tray setup next to the metal detector for people to place any metal objects in to. It is important that watches, coins, keys, belts along with other large metal objects are removed before walking from the detector. The greater organized you're, the greater your through put will probably be.

Do I need a security metal detector wand?

You can think of the walk thru detector because the general screening device. Once you've identified that the individual has a concealed item, you will need to precisely pinpoint it. A metallic detector wand enables you to locate the target quickly. Security wands will warn you of the target having an audible tone, target identification light, vibration or a combination of the 3. The wand metal detector is really a required accessory use using the walk-thru gate.

Metal Detector Security Wands featuring Audio Alert:

 Garrett Superscanner






Metal Detector Security Wands featuring Audio and Vibration Alerts:

 Garrett Superwand

Metal Detector Security Wands featuring Vibration Only Alerts:

 Garrett THD

Rolling out your security plan:

Though it may be a significant investment, do not get too caught up around the expense of acquiring your walk-through metal detectors. Your largest expense will be the annual expense of security personnel to function the gear. While you may currently have staff available, many times that you will want to allocate funds to increase staffing. Furnished with a good understanding of your company as well as the available forms of security metal detectors, after you are ready to choose the best equipment. We're here to help you place the bits of the puzzle together. You can speak with our Security Product Specialists to go over your particular needs.